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This is a private page from Ireland lovers to Ireland lovers. You can add interesting places, pubs, restaurants, B&B’s that you like and want to recommend. (You can use the form on this page or just post it on our Facebookpage)

So everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others and you can find in the appropriate counties accommodation and attractions for your trip. Maybe a B&B is also cheaper, if it is requested directly 😉!

Of course we can not always check all contact details and entries daily. If something has changed, what is listed here, please let us know. We can not guarantee for the correctness!

Use the link * Need To See | B&B | Eat & Drink in the menu to go to the small maps of the different counties. Or you can simply click on one of the counties down on the map for more informations.

Here you will find all adds of all small maps as an overview: Irland – All

Here you find all small maps as an overview about „Need To See“: Irland – All – Need To See

Here you find all small maps as an overview about „B&B“: Irland – All – B&B

Here you find all small maps as an overview about „Eat & Drink“: Irland – All – Eat & Drink

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